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but you just entered a Dutch site and you will not understand a word of it... 
Dutch is the language of the Netherlands; the country of which Amsterdam is the capital (near Germany).
However, this is what you DO want to know:

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How to enjoy this site without understanding a single word
Well, I guess that you didn't come to this site to read incomprehensible texts, so, you should click on the pictures on the right to see the art. Enjoy!

Recent Paintings

[] De Barones(**)
[] Cindy(**)
[] Cindy 2
[] Elisa
[] Esther
[] Esther & Yorin
[] Eva en de slang
[] Iets moois
[] In pak
[] Laura
[] Moniek


[] Meer Moniek(**)
[] Nicole
[] Pieternel
[] Shabira
[] Shirley 1
[] Shirley 2 (*)
[] Tineke
[] Xara

Painting series

[] Asamy
[] Astrid
[] Hansje

[] Jan
[] Jolanda
[] Joyce2
[] Joyce3


Translation of this site is not planned in the near future. However you can send me your questions. I speak english, dutch, german, french and esperanto...
(and yes, I do like bragging about it)

At this page, you will find short texts on the following subjects:
o Who is bArt?
o Art for sale?
o Contact bArt!

Who is bArt?
Mijn name is Bart, born 30th December 1970, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. 

I like traveling. The flags here represent some countries that I have visited so far. 

Apart from being a painter, I'm a consultant.

Art for sale?
Most of the the sketches and paintings are stolen, bought, or given away as a birthdaypresent, so you won't be able to buy them. However, some artworks are available for purchase. Contact me if you are interested.

But most of all, I like to work on commission. So if you like the style of the paintings, and if you are willing to pay, you might ask me to come over and paint you, or your partner.

Contact bArt
You can contact me in various ways:  Email: bart@bartart.com (or click here)

Phone +31 (0)6- 45530043

Bart Rouwenhorst
Prinsenkade 7f
4811 VB Breda
The Netherlands